We got used to the fact that celebrities must be simply ideal and must constantly have perfect make up, ideal look and clothes. Certainly it is true but we mustn’t forget that celebrities are also people and awkward moments happen with them as well as with the other ones. In this article let’s review the most prominent and clumsy moments of our celebrities.

Number one is an American actress, Jennifer Lawrence. She is considered to be one of the youngest Hollywood actresses who received the Academy Award. On the ceremony the woman wore floor-grazing dress and when she was invited on the scene to receive her award, excited Jennifer stumbled and fell exactly on the stairs. But 22 years old actress was not out of bearing. She stood up, laughing and came up to the microphone. The audience gave a standing ovation.

Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Lawrence

Next is the singer of Black Eyed Peas, Fergie. The moment that happened with the woman can really be called as awkward. The singer experienced a real nightmare during the concert in San Diego. During the performance Fergie toughened her muscles so strongly that she pissed herself. Guileful camera boys made photos of this shame. This moment happened in 2005 and was deemed to be the most humiliating in Fergie’s life. The singer commented that she would never forget this awful moment.

Fergie Fergie

The third place occupies Justin Bieber. The young Canadian singer who is deemed to be the teenager’s idol shamed himself exactly on the scene. During his tour, the singer came to Glendale. Even in the most terrible nightmare Justine couldn’t even imagine what would happen to him at this concert. He vomited just in the middle of his performance. He quickly smoothed his ruffled feathers at the backstage and continued the concert. But unfortunately he got sick for the second time. After this situation Justine begged a pardon and later wrote in his micro blog that the reason of his sickness was the milk he drank before.

Justin-Bieber justin-bieber

The queen of pop music Madonna is on the fourth place. Though she is already 54, the woman still tries to organize the most stunning and compelling shows. The pop star fell on the scene during her performance on the ceremony The Brit Awards 2015. This incident happened with Madonna when she sang the song Living For Love. She was dressed in a black cape and one of the dancers had to put it off. However when the man pulled it, the singer lost her balance and fell. But the celebrity stood up and finished the song. Later she wrote for her fans that she felt good and it happened because of the cape, which was tied too hard.

Madonna-Brit-Awards Madonna-Brit-Awards

The last one in our list of top 5 awkward moments of the celebrities is Zac Efron. When he went on the red carpet before the first run off the film “The Lorax”, he took some documents in order to give it to his publicist. But together with the documents a condom fell from his pocket. It was noticeable that Zak was nervous but he looked around and tried to cover his confusion from the cameras. At any rate we know that safe sex is important for the actor.

Zac-Efron Zac-Efron2 zac-efron-condom-drop-red-carpet


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