Amandla Stenberg age is just 16, but she has already become famous. For sure, most of readers know Rue (The Hunger Games), who was skillfully performed by Amandla. This girl showed her acting talent, and she has a great future as an actress. But she is also a great person, and that’s why she is interesting not just to watch but also to talk to.
Amandla Stenberg

Amandla Stenberg Biography

Amandla Stenberg was born on the 23rd of October in 1998. She spent her childhood in Los Angeles, CA. Amandla Stenberg parents are Karen Brailsford and Tom Stenberg. Her mother is Afro-American and Amandla Stenberg father is Danish. Her dad is white and that’s why, when a future actress and her dad were walking across the streets, people thought, it was her neighbor or godfather, but not a biological father. Amandla Stenberg ethnicity is so complicated and she got used to the role of multi-racial child from the very childhood. She calls it “new wave”.

Her name is usually mispronounced in press and an actress often jokes about it. Her name is translated from Zulu as “power”, so her parents gave their girl so strong title from the very childhood. Probably, due to her powerful name a young actress copes with all the troubles of her early stardom.

Amandla Stenberg started her career, when she was 4. She tried her hand as a model and took part in various commercials like McDonald’s (where she co-acted with McDonald himself), Walmart and many others. She also took part in social commercial named “Build The Dream”, that was released in 2009 the day before Obama inauguration.

The Hunger Games – Amandla Stenberg Interview

She got her first role in 2010, when she was invited to act as Cat (the young version of Zoe Saldana) in the movie Colombiana. Of course, the most prominent among Amandla Stenberg movies is “The Hunger Games”.

Amandla Stenberg Best Movies

Amandla Stenberg tells that the hardest thing in her life now is to combine her studying at school with her job of an actress. But she tries her best to study well. And of course, she found enough time to appear in several movies – that is amazing for her age!

  1. Colombiana

The role of small Cat is one of the most favorite of Amandla. She tells, she is “feminist from her birth” and that’s why she always likes strong women characters. That’s why it was so important for her to act as a hit woman in her earlier years.
Amandla Stenberg

  1.  TV Show “A Taste of Romance”

It is the second appearance of Amandla Stenberg on the screen. The role of Taylor was interesting for her. The movie tells us about two diners – Gill and Sarah, who fight for their success but occasionally make friends later. The work in this TV movie gave Amandla an opportunity to co-act with such famous actors as Teri Polo, James Patrick Stuart, Alexander Bedria and many others.Amandla Stenberg

  1. The Hunger Games

Amandla’s heroine Rue is the most remarkable her screen work for now. The actress likes to remember the days, when the movie was in pre-production. She made friends with other members of the cast like Widow Shields, Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence. They lived in a forest during three months and it was interesting for her like staying in a summer camp.Amandla Stenberg

  1. Rio 2

Amandla Rue tried her hand as a voice actress and gave her sweet voice to Bia.

  1. Mr. Robinson

It is the latest movie of an actress. It is TV series, where she acts as Halle Foster. It is one more screen work of the young and talented actress and she hopes to get more interesting projects in future.

When Amandla Stenberg is not busy with her heroines, she takes part in various photosessions for modern popular magazines. She also shoots social videos herself and tries to struggle for the rights of black people.

Amandla Stenberg Personal Life

The girl lives together with her parents and half-sister, who is Asian. She told, that she felt, she was different from the most of the other people. When she appeared in the cult movie “The Hunger Games” as Rue, many people began to criticize an actress in Twitter. They insisted that the heroine of Amandla was not black-skinned and that’s why the choice of an actress for that role was wrong. Of course, to read such comments was quite painful for the young girl. Nevertheless she didn’t pay attention to negative feedback and wrote that “she was proud to become the part of Hunger Games family”. Concerning her love life, she was rumored to be dating Jaden Smith.

Amandla Stenberg

Not long ago a young actress uploaded a new video on YouTube. It was called “Don’t Cash Crop My Cornrows”. The girl, who is just 16, asked the audience a very adult question. She wondered why all people around like black culture more than black people.

Amandla Stenberg: Don’t Cash Crop On My Cornrows

In fact, the topic of rights of black people is quite painful for Amandla. In our world, when we are so focused on look, and when everyone dreams to become a blue-eyed blonde, it is very hard for a girl in her teens to be Afro-American. She tells, that to be a black actress is much more competitive as most of roles are supposed for white.

In any case, the actress in her teens is very optimistic about her future. She is talented as a musician too and playing music is one more hobby of Amandla. She is hard working and hopes to be involved in many interesting movies in future.

Amandla Stenberg Discusses “Niobe: She is Life”

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