Weight: 74 kgLukas Haas

Height: 182 cm

Age: 39

Lukas Haas Biography

Lukas Daniel Haas was born in 1976 on the 16th of April. Before he got international recognition as the movie star and musician, he was an ordinary boy from West Hollywood, CA. He lived in a big house with his American mother, Emily Tracy, who was a famous writer, and a German father, Berthold Haas, an artist. Lucas has two siblings as well.

Lucas used to be the child star, he was noticed by a film director Margery Simkin, when the boy was just 5 years old. Later at the age of ten he participated in box office movies like “Testament” and “Witness”. He was happy to co-act the stars Kelly McGillis and Harrison Ford.

Lukas Haas Lukas Haas

After graduating from the local school the future star completely had no choice – he started career of an actor. But Lukas Haas films are not the only ones he is recognizable for. Lucas Haas is also known as a musician. He plays drums for the band “The Rogues” and is the composer of some movies soundtracks. Here are the most significant roles of Lukas Haas actor.

Lukas Haas Movies

Lucas Haas is a popular actor in Hollywood nowadays. He managed to make that great leap from a child star to the star in his mature years. He took part in various movies and TV shows, but plays supporting roles mostly. Nevertheless the actor occupied the significant place among the most high-paid actors of the planet.

Lukas Haas interview

After his big role in “Witness” he got numerous offers from the best film directors in Hollywood. He took part in TV series “The Twilight Zone”, and then Lucas was invited “Amazing Stories” series. After that he played the part in the film “Solarbabies” and “Lady in White”. His big break took place after the role of Nash in the movie “Inception”.

  1. Inception

During his work on the movie Lucas Haas co-acted Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page and Tom Hardy. The star cast was the reason, why the movie had become so popular. The interesting and unusual plot was the other reason of the great popularity of the film. It tells about a thief, who stole not the things, but ideas as he had unusual strength. Later the thief decided to take the other operation – not to steal the idea, but to create it. The movie was included in the list of the best films of the year.

Lukas Haas Lukas Haas
  1. Jobs

During his work on the movie Lucas Haas met Ashton Kutcher at a film set. It was a successful cooperation that gave the world an opportunity to watch one of numerous movies, devoted to legendary Steve Jobs.

Lukas Haas_2

  1. The Revenant

This movie of the best modern film director, Alejandro González Iñárritu was released not long ago, but has already become cult. The movie was shot in Canada. At first the film making process was supposed to last during 3 months, but then the actors had to stay in that beautiful country during 7 months.
Lukas Haas

The movie about a strong-willed man, about the art to survive under the hardest conditions, gathered positive reviews of critics all over the world. The star cast Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Domhnall Gleeson, Will Poulter and Paul Anderson made the film natural and bright. Lucas Haas acted as Jones there.

The Revenant | ‘Actor Ensemble’

The movie list of an actor is full of the loud titles and box office hits. But what about his personal life? Is it successful too?

Lukas Haas Personal Life

Lukas Haas dating is the topic number one in Hollywood. The actor is 39 years old already. The fact that he had never been married officially makes his fans worry. “Who is Lukas Haas girlfriend? Is Lukas Haas married?” they ask.

The actor is known as the short term boyfriend of Natalie Portman, he was rumored to date Lindsay Lohan and Aria Crescendo.

It is known that Lucas Haas lives in the house of his best friend Leo DiCaprio. The actors were rumored to be not just friends. They say, the handsome romantic Leo is not interested in women and he lives with Lucas Haas. But his loud love affairs with the models and young actresses are just the staged performances to make the women all over the world admire his strong romantic heroes-heart eaters.

Lukas Haas

But Lucas Haas denies the rumors about his gay orientation and insists that they are just close friends with Leo.

In January, 2016 the rumors about Lucas Haas engagement appeared. They say, he bought wedding rings with an unknown beautiful woman in the jeweler store. But the actor doesn’t comment the rumors and keeps his private life in secret.

Lukas Haas Regime

The actor Lucas Haas is slim and tall. He is not fond of sports and that’s why his body is not muscled. The actor never keeps to a diet as he is slim without any efforts. But sometimes, when he feels that he needs to lose some extra kilos, he keeps to a fruit diet. It means that Lucas Haas eats only different kinds of fruits during several days.

Lucas Haas leads a healthy way of life, but he smokes cigars sometimes. The actor tries to eat healthy food and doesn’t drink too much alcohol. Usually he spends vacation together with Leo DiCaprio his friend from the earliest years.


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